Embossed Backgrounds 3 Ways + BLOG HOP!

Welcome, friends! This post today is all about embossing! I remember when I first began cardmaking and saw heat embossing for the first time, I was blown away! I thought there had to be some magic involved!

Embossing remains one of my favorite techniques today, and so I have three cards to share with you. All these cards uses the same embossing powder from BRUTUS MONROE, but I share a different way to showcase your embossing on each card.

Heat embossed backgrounds with Brutus Monroe embossing powder. Marie Nicole Designs.

First, I took my Brutus Monroe Emerald City EMBOSSING POWDER and inked and embossed the whole front of a white, A2 sized piece of cardstock. Sadly, this powder is no longer available in store, but there are many more powders that are equally amazing, so please check them out!

After the cardstock was completely embossed, I die cut it by running it through my PLATINUM 6 with a Tim Holtz background die. I was very careful to keep all the little pieces that came out of the design, as well as the design itself. This way, I had the positive and the negative die cut design.

First, I used the die cut cardstock as a guide to adhere down all those tiny little inside pieces to the front of my first card.

Heat embossed backgrounds with Brutus Monroe embossing powder. Marie Nicole Designs.

As you can see in the photo, this was a tedious and time consuming task, but I love the finished product! I adhered these little pieces down using my ZIG GLUE PEN. Then, I added the die cut heart, the die cut sentiment from some GILDED GLITTERSTOCK, and finished with a few sequins. This finished card #1!

Next, I used the the die cut design that I previously used as a guide and adhered it behind a black cardstock panel that I cut a heart shape out of. This way, I get two cards out of one die cut. I added another die cut sentiment using the THANKS DIE again with Glitterstock. I finished this card off with sequins, as well.

Heat embossed backgrounds with Brutus Monroe embossing powder. Marie Nicole Designs.

For my third card, I die cut my design out of black cardstock, and discarded the inside pieces. I laid this design over some paper that I inked and embossed again, so that the embossing powder would show through the die cut design.

Heat embossed backgrounds with Brutus Monroe embossing powder. Marie Nicole Designs.


This card also has the HELLO DIE CUT SENTIMENT. It looks very similar to the first card, except the design is flipped and the embossed area is behind the design, instead of the design itself. Again, I finished this card off with some sparkling sequins!

So there you have three matching cards, each one a bit unique and different from the next, but all showing off a fun way to use those dies with embossing powders!


Heat embossed backgrounds with Brutus Monroe embossing powder. Marie Nicole Designs.Heat embossed backgrounds with Brutus Monroe embossing powder. Marie Nicole Designs.Embossed Window Card with Brutus Monroe Embossing Powder. Marie Nicole Designs

Like I mentioned before, Brutus Monroe has an assortment of amazing EMBOSSING POWDERS!

Also, if you enjoy new embossing powders in all sorts of colors and kinds, consider the Brutus Monroe EMBOSSING CLUB! Each month they send out a unique embossing powder color to subscription holders. An additional perk to subscribing is that you will also receive a 15% off discount on ANY purchase ANY time in the Brutus Monroe store. Thats amazing!

Thanks for stopping by and please hop along to the rest of the teams’ blogs to see what they created! Happy Hopping!


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Holly B. Schultz says:

    Clever use of a detailed die and pretty embossing powder, especially against the dark cardstock. I am inspired!


    1. Marie Nicole says:

      Thanks, Holly! Glad to hear we gave you some creative ideas!


  2. Dana Driscoll says:

    Beautiful cards! I’m a member of the embossing powder club. And other clubs that people should check out as well: stamp of the month, inspiration box of the month! It’s so much fun to get new toys in the mail!


    1. Marie Nicole says:

      Absolutely! All the clubs are amazing, and the discount you get along with the clubs is fabtastic!


  3. Cheryl Salvato says:

    You really gave me some new ideas to try. I enjoy embossing and will have to check out the club. I am not familiar with this brand. I’ve only been back to stamping for about 10 months after years of doing other crafts and caring for parents.


    1. Marie Nicole says:

      Cheryl, glad to hear you’re getting back into stamping! Brutus monroe has many fun and exciting items, and they’re always adding more! Hope you’ve been inspired to create!


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