Bold Stripes + Bold Alpha (1 of 11)

Hey, friends! If you haven’t already noticed, Im going BOLD with this card today! I used the BOLD STRIPES stencil from and added a large sentiment using their BOLD CAPS alpha stamps, as well. This one was actually a pretty quick card, but it certainly grabs your attention!


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Ink Blend Your Stripes (4 of 11)

I started this card by taping the Bold Stripes stencil over my Neenah card front. Then, I used my Sky Blue ink from to ink blend the stripes.

When I switched colors, I simply moved the stencil to cover the blue stripes, leaving the white cardstock exposed. Then, I added some Rubber Ducky yellow ink to create blue and yellow alternating stripes.

If you don’t like the bright color combination, you can always mix up the colors and make it whatever you like!

Stamp Your Sentiment (6 of 11) (7 of 11)

To add my sentiment, I used the Bold Caps alpha stamps from Scrapbook. Lining them up straight on this card was actually easy, since I could use the ink blended stripes as my guide. I used black ink to stamp the first three words, and then on the last word I embossed in gold.

I had to stamp the last word in two parts, since I only have one letter “S” in the alpha stamp set. So I stamped the word “sun”, embossed it, and then stamped the word “shine” and then embossed that.

I finished this card by adding three white hearts next to the word “my”. This card definitely turned out BIG and BOLD!

Until next time,
Marie Nicole


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