All About Slimlines!

Slimline cards are such a big trend right now, and with brands creating new stamps, dies, and stencils to fit on this longer, thinner style card the creative possibilities are endless!

I want to share a few fun ideas for creating slimlines. These are all my cards in this post, and this is just how I prefer to create with slimline-style cards, so don’t feel like you HAVE to follow any of what I’m sharing! If you have your own way of creating that you love, stick with it!

Cutting Your Slimline Card Bases

In this video, I share info on not only cutting slimline card bases, but other sizes, as well.

Typically, a slimline card measures about 3.5×8.5″. Many crafters tweak this measurement to their own preference. Anything that fits inside an A10 envelope (4 1/8 X 9 1/5) can be considered a slimline, though. Its such a fun size because it requires no extra postage when sent in an A10 envelope, but it also gives more room for creating on.

If you prefer not to have to cut your own slimline card bases, has some pre-cut for you! They even come with matching envelopes, so if you do not want to venture out to find A10 envelopes, this is a great option. They also offer Ultra-Thick cardstock bases, and slimline card fronts.

Build a Scene

One of my favorite ways to create on slimline cards is to build a scene. There is so much space to fit stamped images! Here are a few examples of my slimline scenes.

I created this one for the January challenge over at The colors for the challenge were beautiful! I love how they create such a fun party scene with these wild hogs from Avery Elle.

I had so much fun creating with these happy camping critters from My Favorite Things that I forgot a sentiment!

Another fantastic stamp set from My Favorite Things! Being able to build up so many layers of waves wouldn’t be possible on a regular size card, but a slimline has plenty of room!

Bold Sentiments and Designs

Another fun way to use slimlines is to add bold designs and big sentiments that just wouldn’t otherwise fit on smaller cards!

What Mom wouldn’t want a full bouquet of die cut florals?
Bold stripes add an 80s vibe to this slimline!
Don’t have the sentiment you are looking for? Add your own large letter die cuts and create your own custom sentiment!
Add some creative ink blending with a sentiment that reminds you of your favorite vacation destination.

So much extra room to create exactly the scene you need.

Get Creative!

Hopefully this post leaves you with some inspiration and ideas on how to use those slimlines! I have a few more examples to share. A few vertical ideas, scenes, and even interactive cards!

A vertical heart rainbow
Interactive slider card
Busy Christmas mice!
Use that vertical space to create height

Are you hooked on slimlines, yet? I know I am! So many great stamps, dies and stencils that are available for creating that perfect slimline. I’ll leave a few more(affiliate) links below if you want to shop for those fun slimline items!

Until next time,
Marie Nicole

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