New Tim Holtz Color- PRIZE RIBBON!

Has anyone else been waiting for the NEW Tim Holtz color? I’m pretty sure we are ALL raising our hands right now!

This new color is GORGEOUS! It reminds me of the beautiful, rich blue that you typically see on french toile designs, so I decided to go with that inspiration and do some simple stenciling THREE ways to get a set of similar yet unique cards!

Ink Blend and Stencil

The first card I made with this new Prize Ribbon color is the middle one in the photo above. I of course wanted to go ahead and ink blend this color to see what it was all about! I used a domed ink blending tool and added the color Prize Ribbon over the whole surface of my card front. I gave it a few minutes to dry while I dug out my supplies for the next step!

I grabbed my Floral Sprigs stencil from and spread some embossing paste over it to cover the whole card front. I find that when stenciling a large area, my scraper tool works perfectly for this! I was able to cover the whole card front with just a few passes of my scraper. I then set my background aside to dry while I worked on my second card!

Tinted Embossing Paste

My next card I created in a similar way. I scooped out a bit of my white embossing paste onto my glass mat, and mixed it with the Prize Ribbon Distress Stain. This tinted the paste blue, but made it a bit lighter of a shade than the actual color. Great way to get more variety out of the same color! I again added it to my card front with the Floral Sprigs stencil and my scraper.

Embossing Glaze Over Paste

My last card turned out to be perhaps my favorite of the bunch. I again added my embossing paste over my card front with my Floral Sprigs stencil and embossing paste. Then, I sprinkled the Prize Ribbon Embossing Glaze over the paste. After adding the excess glaze back into the jar, I used my heat tool to melt the powder and dry the paste.

Melting the glaze over the embossing paste gave the card a textured, raised finish that turned out so pretty! The new Prize Ribbon color really stands out against the white and gold sentiment, as well!

So there it is! The new Distress Ink color, Prize Ribbon! Such a gorgeous, rich color of blue. I hope you love it as much as I do!

Make sure to check out the new color in the store.

Until next time,
Marie Nicole

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