Crafter’s Gift Guide

Hey there, crafty friends!

I thought I’d try something new this year and put together a gift guide for your crafty loved ones! Whether you yourself are a crafter, or you know someone who crafts and are trying to find the perfect gift, I hope this guide is a help to you.

I’ve compiled a few items into several themed guides to help you navigate all the items out there. Keep in mind that these are MY personal favorite items. These are the items that I use all the time, and they are usually right on my desk within reach. I did this because I only want to recommend items to you that I know are great quality.

So, let’s get started!


  1. TONIC STUDIO’S GLASS MAT– I have several of these. They are the perfect crafting surface! The glass can stand up to heat and any medium and its cleans up easily. Very durable and portable. I even give these to my kids when they craft to protect my table surface.
  2. TONIC STUDIO’S COMFORT TRIMMER– This guillotine paper trimmer is always within reach on my craft desk. Its self-sharpening blade gives clean, precise cuts every time, and I let my kids use it as well, since there are multiple safety features.
  3. ALTENEW SCORE BOARD– I use a score board all the time for creating my own card bases. A crisp, clean fold is a must! You can also use score boards to create designs on your card fronts. This Altenew board is a mini one, so perfect size for cardmaking and won’t take up too much real estate in your craft space!
  4. CUTTER BEE SCISSORS– These are the BEST fussy cutting scissors! I have had one pair of these for over 10yrs, and I just recently ordered a new pair. They are easy to use, super sharp, and they get around those stamped images easily when fussy cutting.
  5. TIM HOLTZ CRAFT PICK– A craft pick is another essential tool. These can be used for everything from embellishment placement to getting that stubborn piece of paper out of your die. I love this retractible one from Tim Holtz.
  6. MINT TAPE– I always have a few of these rolls around in my desk and my work surface. This is a low-tack paper tape. It can be used for die cutting, holding stencils in place, masking, and anything else you might be using a washi tape for. You can never have enough!


  1. SPELLBINDERS PLATINUM 6– I have several die machines and my Spellbinders Platinum 6 is by far my favorite. It folds up when you aren’t using it so it doesn’t have to take up too much space in your craft room. This size die machine also accommodates most dies intended for cardmaking. I can also say from working with Spellbinders for a number of years, that the company and people behind the name are fantastic.
  2. SCRAPBOOK.COMs MAGIC MAT– I have been using one of SBC’s Magic Mats since they were first released a few years ago. I WILL NOT GO BACK TO REGULAR, PLASTIC PLATES. This is a self-healing mat that replaces the bottom plate in your die machine. This saves your plastic plates from warping and cracking and will actually allow you to not have to order new plates FOREVER. The mat itself will warp from time-to-time, but with a bit of heat applied with your heat tool it goes back to its original shape. I have a few videos on this mat that I’ll share.
  3. TOOL-N-ONE: This is a tool that goes hand-in-hand with the Platinum 6. This tool is intended to help you with getting those little pieces out of your dies. It is especially helpful with using intricate dies where tiny pieces of paper likes to hang on to your die. The brush end quickly releases those paper pieces, and the pick end is a great all-around tool.
  4. GLITTER PLATES– These are a bit of an “extra”, but who doesn’t love some glitter? I use these in my die machine along with my Magic Mat. Since my Magic Mat is saving my plates from getting beat up, I splurged on some pretty plates and I feel comfortable knowing they will last me FOREVER.
  5. MINT TAPE– You will be seeing this Mint Tape in several of my guide categories! I love this tape so much for so many reasons. For die cutting, this is my go-to tape for holding my dies into place. You can also use the same piece over and over again. A little goes a long way!
  6. SPELLBINDERS SHIMS– Yes, you can use a piece of paper (or two) for a shim, but I recently bought these because they are fairly inexpensive, and having a designated shim helps me not have to dig through all my paper to find the right piece. I keep these two shim sheets close to my machine and I add them over intricate dies to get a little more pressure and a clean cut. Totally worth the few bucks!


  1. MISTI– If you have been stamping for any amount of time, you’ve probably heard of this tool! The door on this stamping platform allows you to place your stamps exactly where you want them, and then stamp several times for precision stamping. I have several of these MISTIs and I use them ALL the time!
  2. CLEARLY AMAZING CRAFT MAT– This mat can be used for more than stamping, but it is also designed to fit inside your MISTI and hold your paper into place even without magnets or tape. I also love using this mat for other crafting purposes. I’ll link a few videos here showing how I like to use this mat!

  3. VERSAFINE BLACK INK– I love this ink for sentiments, because it gives a very opaque, crisp stamped image! It is a pigment ink, so it will take a bit longer to dry AND you cannot use it for coloring with all mediums. But for sentiments and black solid images, it is the BEST.
  4. PINKFRESH BLACK HYBRID– Why two black inks? I prefer to have a black hybrid ink on hand for stamping all my coloring images. A hybrid will not bleed no matter what medium you use to color with, so it is an easy go-to whenever you know you will be coloring!
  5. STAMP BLOCKS– Even with a MISTI on hand, I still use stamp blocks now and then. Sometimes, I just need to add a quick sentiment. Sometimes, I need something to hold my pieces in place while glue dries. Stamp blocks do both!
  6. PINKFRESH STAMP PRESS TOOL– This tool is intended to go along with your MISTI. This press tool has a soft, felt-like bottom so you can add pressure to the door of your MISTI while stamping. This little tool has saved many a crafter’s wrists! If you struggle with adding pressure to you MISTI with your hands, this tool might be a good option for you!


  1. GLIMMER FOIL PRESS MACHINE– Have you dived into the world of foil pressing yet? Once you do, you will never go back. This machine will get you started, all you need to go with it is a die machine. (This will work with most machines but I use mine with my Platinum 6. Please take a minute to look into if this Glimmer machine is compatible with your die machine).

  2. PLATINUM 6 MACHINE– Like mentioned in my Die Cutting Guide, this is my personal favorite die machine! It also works perfectly with the Glimmer since they are both from the same company, Spellbinders.
  3. METALLIC HOT FOIL– If you are just getting started with hot foiling, I’d highly recommend this bundle of foils. I have SO. MANY. COLORS of hot foil and yet I keep going back to the metallics. Can’t beat the gold! This is a great bundle to get you started!
  4. SENTIMENT HOT FOIL PLATE– Of course, to get started Glimmering you need some plates! This is a new one from Spellbinders and I love that it has four sentiments that can be used for all occasions. I think these would look great on envelopes!
  5. BACKGROUND GLIMMER PLATES– There really are so many background plates available, but I chose this new one from Spellbinders because I think these stars are so pretty glimmered onto a background!
  6. CHRISTMAS TREE GLIMMER PLATE– If you are thinking of gifting some plates for Christmas, this Christmas Tree plate would be a fun one to use.


  1. MINT TAPE– You seriously cannot have too much of this tape! Small and affordable enough to throw a few of these rolls in a stocking!
  2. STAMP PRESS TOOL– Pretty AND practical! This is a great tool to aid in stamping and would be a fun addition to any crafter’s stocking.
  3. CRAFT PICK– This is another perfect gift for a stocking. Always keep a few of these on hand for all crafting purposes!
  4. MAGIC MAT– This item has shown up of several of my other guides. I just think this is a fabulous item to craft with and can be thrown into a stocking.
  5. METALLIC POPS OF COLOR– Pops of Color are such fun little bottles of pretty to play with! Add them as accents to a card, or even scrape them over stencils. If you are just starting a collection, go with the metallics!
  6. DOMED INK BLENDER– I have multiple of these in my ink drawer. I really do love the domed shape of the ink pads, and these are easy to throw into a stocking. Never can have too many ink blending tools!

I could go on and on, but these truly are a few of my favorite items and some things I think would be handy for that crafter you love. I tried to also give a range of prices from affordable to splurge!

***PLEASE NOTE: I apologize if any of these items are out-of-stock. You can easily sign up for email notifications through when they are available.

Let me know if there are any other recommendations you’d like to see!

Happy Holiday Shopping, friends!
Marie Nicole

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